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Truck Tire Changer SG-TC598

Truck tire changer SG-TC598


  • Full Automatic , For industrial /Agricultural /Earthmoving wheel.

  • Power pump runs only when the tire changer is in use for more efficient operation and reduction of associated costs.

  • Self-centering, standard clamping capacity of 14 to 42 inches. Chuck rotation operates clockwise and counter-clockwise.

  • Adjustable mount and demount head can accommodate different wheel sizes.

  • Tool head includes standard disk and hook for bead loosening, mounting and demounting tires. The hook tool folds out of the way when not in use.

  • Portable control system is convenient for operator to observe from different angle, improving the efficiency and safety.

  • Operation voltage 24V.

  • Emergency control switch.

  • CE certificated

Rim Clamping Capacity: 14″-42″

Max. wheel weight:1600kg

Max. Wheel Assembly Width:1050mm

Max. Wheel Assembly Diameter:2300mm

Pump Motor: 2.2 kw,380v-3ph,50Hz (220V optional)

Gearbox Motor: 2.2kw, 380v-3ph 50Hz (220V optional)

Bead breaker force:3300kg

Operation control voltage:24V

Noise Level:70db

Power Supply :220V/400V/50/60HZ/3P

Alu-alloy rims protection rings Alu-alloy rims protection set


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