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Tire Changer SG-TC265SA

Tire Changer SG-TC265SA


  • Pneumatically operated tilting column.

  • Suitable for low-profile and run-flat wheels of car and light commercial vehicles.

  • Double assistant arms.

  • Pedal assembly can be drew from front cover.

  • Simultaneous pneumatic horizontal and vertical arm locking.

  • Pneumatic bead breaker.

  • Durable and convenience operation.

  • Rear air tank serves as tubeless tire inflating device.

  • Pneumatic locking system.

  • Bigger bead breaker cylinder Φ200,more powerful.

  • CE certificated.

Model SG-TC265SA
Rim material Steel, Al, Alloy
Max. wheel diameter 45″( 1140mm)
Max. wheel width 14″ (355mm)
Outer clamp 12″-23″
Inter clamp 14″-26″
Motorcycle clamp 9″-24″
Power supply 110V/220V/380V
Air supply 0.75KW/1.1KW
Noise level <70dB “

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