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Prep-station SG-PA7500

Prep-station SG-PA7500


    MODEL SG-PA7500
    External Dimension 7.65×4.1×3.15
    Internal Dimension 6.4×4.0x2.65
    Total Power(Kw) 6.5
    Cabin System Roof Panel Galvanized Steel
    Plenum Chamber Yes
    Wall Panel 50mm EPS
    Trench 2 rows of trench, 4600 ×760mm each, covered with Grilles
    Curtains PVC soft curtain at Front and Both Side
    Basement 3 Rows of Anti-Skid Checkered Plates+ 2 Rows of Grilles
    Air Circulation System Circulation Way Down Draft
    Outlet Ventilator 1×5.5Kw
    Air Capacity 15000m3/h
    Purification system Roof Filter Italian Technology,Dust Particles Catching Capability>5μm
    Exhaust Filter Fiberglass
    Floor Filter Dust Particles Catching Capability>15μm
    Lighting System Ceiling Light 24x18W LED Light Tubes
    Control System Multi-protection Circuit. Working Switch, Light Witch, Emergency Stop, Breakdown Alarm.
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