Project Description

Clear Floor Lift SG-TP345ACF

Clear floor lift SG-TP345ACF


  • One side manual release.

  • Aluminum Motor for optional.

  • Vehicle pterygoid lamina shaped by once.

  • Adopt double cylinder ,4*4 higher and stronger chain ,the wire rope balance system.

  • Rubber pad door-opening protection.

  • Limit switch.

  • Heighten + Tray with Screw.

  • The arm adopts long and short design ,larger range adjustment ,suitable for different vehicle chassis.

Lifting capacity 4500Kg
Max lifting height 1900mm
Min. height 110mm
Pass width 2555mm
Total Width 3650mm
Column Width 2865mm
Motor Power 2.2kw
Power Supply 220V/380V(1/3PH)
Lifting time 50S-60S
Oil Pressure Rating 24MPa
Weight 730kg

Clear floor lift SG-TP345ACF 02

Arm lock Column Cross Beam 45° Design Heighten +Tray with scren One side manual release

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