Project Description

Clear Floor Lift SG-TP340CFM

Clear floor lift SG-TP340CFM


  • Bilateral manual release.

  • Aluminum Motor for optional.

  • Vehicle pterygoid lamina shaped by once.

  • Adopt double cylinder ,4*4 higher and stronger chain , the wire rope balance system.

  • Rubber pad door-opening protection.

  • Limit switch.

  • Secure fence protect the toes.

Lifting capacity 4000Kg
Max lifting height 1850mm
Min. height 110mm
Pass width 2500mm
Total Width 3320mm
Column Width 2790mm
Motor Power 2.2kw
Power Supply 220V/380V(1/3PH)
Lifting time 50S-60S
Oil Pressure Rating 24MPa
Weight 650kg

Clear floor lift SG-TP340CFM 02

Limit Switch Bilateral Manual Release Vehicle pterygoid lamina shaped by once

3-Stage Arm Emergency Hand Pump

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