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Wheel Balance SG-WB225A

Wheel Balance SG-WB225A Wheel Balance SG-WB225A
SG WB225A‘ 1 SG WB225A‘ 1


  • Automatic distance (a) and wheel diameter measuring(d).

  • DNY mode for standard rim , 3 ALU modes for alloy rims or special shaped rim.

  • Self-calibration and diagnosis

  • Plastic safe-guard works as the START and STOP button while balancing the wheel by pulling the guard down/up.

  • Pluggable position pick up board.

  • OPT mode for optimization

  • Pedal-operated main shaft lock

  • Aluminum gauge head with wheel weight clamp .

  • CE certificated

Model SG-WB225A
Max. wheel weight 65KG
Max wheel diameter  1000mm
Rim diameter  10″ – 24″
Rim width 1.5″ – 17″
Balancing speed 200RPM
Balancing accuracy 1g
Motor Power 0.2kw
Power supply 220/110V 50/60HZ 1PH
Cycle time 7s
Noise level <70dB
Type Automatic (A/D)

825外型尺寸AB 20200514 2

wheel-hood weight--plierv weight thread spindle-+-thread quick-nut location-ring cone aluminium-gauge-head

motorcyle adapter Universal adaptor

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