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Spray Booth SG-PB7400

Spray Booth SG-PB7400


    MODEL SG-PB7400(Popular)
    External Dimension LxWxH(m) 7.0×5.56×3.43
    Internal Dimension LxWxH(m) 6.9X4.0X2.65
    Car Entrance WxH(m) 3.0×2.65
    Working Door WxH(m) 1.8×0.65
    Total Power(KW) 16
    Working Voltage 220/380V/50/60Hz/3Ph
    Chamber System Wall Panel Sandwich Style, 50mm thickness, EPS Filler+0.426mm Color Steel Skin
    Roof Panel Galvanized Steel
    Basement 3 Rows of Anti-Skid Checkered Plates+ 2 Rows of Grilles
    Ramp 2 Pieces Anti-Skid Diamond Plates
    Air Supply System Intake Ventilator 2*4KW Double-Inlet Centrifugal Fan
    Exhaust Ventilator 1*7.5KW Centrifugal Fan
    Air Capacity 24000m3/h
    Air Speed 0.35m/s
    Air Change Ratio 320 Times/h
    Air Purification System Ceiling Filter Imported from Netherland,Dust Particles Catching Capability>4μm
    Intake Air Filter Dust Particles Catching Capability>10μm
    Outlet Air Filter Activated Carbon
    Floor Filter Fiberglass, Italian Import,TSP value<1.4mg/m3
    Heating System Burner G20 Riello Diesel Burner, 180000Kcal/h, Gas Burner for Option
    Heat Energy Converters SOS304 Stainless Steel heat exchanger, Max Temp:80℃, Heating Time:5-6min(20’-60℃), Fuel Consumption: 5-7kg/vehicle
    Air Damper Electric Control by BELIMO Electronic Actuator, Spraying&Curing Can Be Switched Automotively
    Oil Tank 50L
    Lighting System Ceiling Light 32x18W LED Lamps
    Side Light 16x18W Lamps
    Luminance(Lux) 1000
    Electronic Control System Control Box Microcomputer Programming,Motor Direct Start,Overload,Overheat,Phase-Lacking Protections,Light Switch, Spray & Baking Switch, Emergency Stop, Breakdown Alarm, Main Components use Brand Siemens or Schneidar
    Environmental system For Option

    Endothermic-Panel Water-paint-system Side-Light

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