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Nitrogen Tyre Inflator SG-NI190

Nitrogen Tyre inflator SG-NI190


  • For Four Tire .

  • Elegant appearance , high efficiency and purity nitrogen generation .

  • Professional energy efficiency management better saves energy .

  • Adjustable nitrogen generation purity (efficiency) can meet the needs of all users .

  • When pipe is connected to tire , inflate the pre-set pressure automatically and precisely .Safe, precise and convenient operation.

  • Automatically vacuumize and inflate the tires which are to be inflated for the first time ,thus guaranteeing the nitrogen purity inside .

  • Dedicated chip control ,precise pressure sensor monitor ,safe, reliable and accurate.

  • Adopt special mode to manage 0 pressure tire.

  • Simultaneously inflating four tires management.

Temperature range :-20–70°C

Power source : AC110V/220V ,50/60Hz

Power :120W

Inlet pressure : 10-15 Bar

Inflating range : 0.3-11.2 Bar

Nitrogen output pressure : Max 12 Bar

Nitrogen purity : ≥ 95%

Nitrogen storage tank capacity : 160L

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