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Automotive Spray Booth SG-PB7400

Automotive Spray Booth SG-PB7400 01


Cabin System Wallboard EPS (epispastics polystyrene)Colorful Steel Skin Boards,50 mm Thick, Tongue & Groove Style, Compound Construction, Anti-flame and Heat-Insulation,the thick of colorful steel skin board is 0.326mm.  Galvanized Roof Panel
Basement Galvanized Steel Sheet and Square Steel Pipe assembling, Two rows of grid &three rows of embossed plate. Three embossed steel ramps.
Ramp Three Ramps, Embossed Steel Plates.
Air Intake and Exhaust System Inhaling Ventilator Model: YDW 4.5AL1 Exhaust Ventilator Model: YDW 5.6S
Blowercapacity:24000m3/h Blower capacity:15000m3/h
Pressure:815Pa Pressure:810Pa
Rolling speed: 900rpm Rolling speed:900rpm
Power: 4kw Power: 7.5kw
Quantity: 2 sets Quantity:1set
Air Volume: 24000m3/h; Air Speed: 0.35m/s
Air Purification System Dual Filtering Structure, The Primary Filter Can Capture Granules Larger than 10 μm. Ceiling Filter Capture Granules Bigger than 4μm. The Whole Purification System Has Capacity of Large Volume of Dust. It’s Filtering Rate Reaches 98%. TSP≤1.4mg/m³.
Heating System Burner Italy Riello Brand,G20 Diesel Burner, 180000Kcal/h, 20N Damp Motor
Heat Energy Converter Stainless Steel, Argon Arc Welding, The Heat Exchange Rate 85%
20N Damper from Switzerland
Max Temp:80.c, Heating Time:6-8min(20-60c), Fuel Consumption: 6-8kg/vehicle
Light System Ceiling Light: 32 pcs 36w Philips Lamp; Bottom Light: 16 pcs 36w Philips Lamp, 1000 Lux
Controlling System Micro-Computer Programmed Controlling, Spray & Baking Switch, Light Switch, Emergency Stop, Breakdown Alarm
Environmental  System Multi-Layer fiberglass, active-carbon
Outside Size:(mm) 7000x5560x3430 Front Door:(mm) 3000(w)x2600(h)
Inside Size:(mm) 6900x4000x2650 Total Power:(kw) 16

Automotive Spray Booth SG-PB7400 02 Automotive Spray Booth SG-PB7400 03

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